Forlive Comics & Games 2015

Two posts in a row! Now I understand why is raining outside! 

I knew I would be taking part to this comic convention the exact day it started because of money.
This was the first payment convention I’ve ever attended. Those were actually two conventions together, both electronic and comics.
One of the findings I brought back home. 
While the electronic convention was wide, the part dedicated to comics and games was small and concentrated in one room.
 Maybe they didn’t organize it well this year because, according to my friend, the previous edition was bigger and way better.
I always grab the occasion of comic conventions to look for good prices on comics, fill the gaps in my collection, buy some sort of gadget and go watch the artist alley.
In this convention there wasn’t any artist alley, there should have been a Gundam exhibition that I didn’t see (But maybe it’s my fault that I didn’t know where to look for) , the stands were just few  and of course there wasn’t the wide choice I saw in other conventions.
Second prize I brought back home. 
They arranged a video game challenge and on Sunday evening, there was a cosplay show as well.
Since cosplayers paid half of the price, I decided to get dressed up as well. No one recognized my character but that’s just fine, cosplaying or not, my first aims in the fairs are the ones I listed above, if someone wants to take a picture with me, they know they’re always welcome.

What I liked the most about this fair and that I’ve never seen elsewhere were the free laser swords fighting lectures.
Truth to be told, it wasn’t so bad (oven temperatures apart), maybe it was me that had an higher expectation, but I had fun indeed. I don’t get the chance to go to several cons, so I’d better enjoy the only ones I can afford to go.

I won’t put any of my pictures here because I don’t have them, this was just a quick report of the fair before going to lunch. 

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