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I wanted to write this post for a while now. Eventually, I have the chance to take some (good) pictures.
Some months (maybe years?) ago I wanted to write something about my comic book collection, what I am currently reading and what I finished (I will save the dropped part for later).

Completed series

Durarara!! / Durarara!! Saika-Hen
 (Ryhogo Narita; Suzuhito Yasuda, Akiyo Satorigi)
 Rating: ****

It took me something like a year to find the 3rd number 
This is one of my favorite Japanese series so far. I completed the anime before I could even collect all the manga volumes (Despite they were just four).
In this series there are a bunch of characters that, according to me are pretty well developed. If I have to pick just one favorite character, I am troubled.
Starting from the strong and quick-tempered Shizuo Heiwajima, who is pushing himself over the limit in order to have a better control of his inhuman power, to the joyful and lively Kida Masaomi that hides a secret inner pain and wrath.
Let’s not forget about the supreme manipulator Izaya Orihara or the sweet heart headless biker Celty.
Almost all the characters inside are interesting and the plot is intriguing (I know that the whole animated and comic series are taken from the novel, but I didn’t have the chance to read it yet).
It gives more emotions Durarara!! in a chapter than other series in three volumes.

(Yoshiki Tonogai)
Rating: **

I might have written something earlier about this “masterpiece”.
According to the introduction and actually judging the book from the cover, I had a great expectation from this comic. Useless to say the truth didn’t match my thoughts.
Luckily this series is composed by just for volumes, so I didn’t have to spend too much on it.

(Yoshiki Tonogai)
I couldn't choose just one
Rating: ***

On the contrary of the first one, I found this story to be developed way better than Doubt. The characters are more peculiar, the plot is more intricate and credible.
It still misses some crucial elements, but sure improvements are noticeable.

Death Sweeper
(Sho Kitagawa)

It took me a long time to complete this story, mostly because it was difficult to retrieve the whole five numbers (I ran around three different cities to collect it all).
As the science and microbiology freak that I am, seeing all these decomposition scenes and observing death represented as it is: organic substance going back to its cycle, was a pleasure.
Some unnecessary scenes could be cut and the author could have developed the story of some characters better, however, I really enjoyed this series.

Saber Marionette J
(Satoru Hakahori, Yumisuke Kotoyoshi)
Rating: ***

We’re touching quite a nostalgic spot here. This was one of my favorite manga when I was around ten-eleven years old. I still remember my favorite character was Cherry and I was always drawing her. There was nothing I didn’t like about this manga.
Growing up and reading it a little better, I understood it is not as special as I used to think.
The intentions are not bad, but after a while the plot becomes kinda boring.

In progress series

This category sure is wider than the previous one, since several comics I am reading are still coming out.

(Hidekaz Himaruya)

The bare thought about Hetalia makes my heart cringe in pain.
I started collecting this comic in 2012, the fifth volume came out in December 2013/January 2014. Check this post’s date and you will understand why I am so impatient.
Hetalia is still one of my favorite manga. It cheers you up in any occasion and it’s funny to find out how different even the stereotypes are among different cultures.
By the way I’m still waiting for that last number to come out.

Kuroko’s Basketball
(Tadaoshi Fujimaki)

Trying to convince myself I'm not a Kurobasu addicted
I think it’s useless to write anything about this manga.  I guess just scrolling down this blog a little you could understand I really like this series. I haven’t been missing a number since the first volume came out in February 2013 (Just think that when I needed to leave Italy for study purposes I left my roomies money to make them buy the upcoming copies).
Now I discovered the Italian editor is sending it out once per month instead of once every two months (I can’t be happier about it).
I can’t exactly say it was love at first sight like I it happened for Pokèmon (and it was thanks to Pokèmon that I discovered it). 
There was one time in which it really was popular, Tumblr was fulfilled with colored hair punks with a ball on their hands. I was so surrounded by fanarts that I actually thought it was some Shonen-ai/Yaoi series.
I watched the first season of the anime first, just to understand why was everybody so fanatic about it. I did it. I still can’t do without it, despite the silly amount of spoilers given by the internet I still shiver whenever a new volume comes out.
Differently for what I said about Durarara!!, not all the characters here are so peculiar they are actually worth noticing.
The characters that stand out the most in these series are:

Kuroko Tetsuya: Yes, the main character in this case is peculiar. A boy who’s presence is so little that the boy goes unnoticed most of the times in social contexts, and the character is not bothered by it. He’s not the whiny kind of main character (that is becoming far too common nowadays) nor he is the super energetic and hyperactive midget you can find in several animation series. Actually, this is the first time I see a main character as balanced as Kuroko Tetsuya, he goes through a deep development, he has this kind of innocent and angelic appearance but has his moment of asshole-ness. A protagonist such as Kuroko, it’s pretty unique to find. On the other hand, for how much I’m affectionate to Kagami Taiga, this character isn’t particularly innovative.

The second character I admire the most is Hanamiya Makoto. Because I finally see a character that is mean just because he likes to be. As far as I could see, most of the times in movies, books, TV series etc. it seems that the villain has always to be justified, this is one case (even though it is not the only one) in which the character in question is an asshole because he likes to. He wasn’t hit as kid, he’s smart and a brilliant athlete, and he just likes to win and see his enemies suffer.
Even the lack of development gives more points to this character, it means that not all the people can be changed and it represent a good part of the population.
I'm defiantly not a Kurobasu addict...

Of course in the manga there are also several stereotypes that might be found: Kise, the blonde who’s awesome, famous and leaves a line of girls at his back; then we have Midorima, the tsundere man with glasses that deep inside is a nice person and how to leave Himuro out. The very first incarnation of the emo culture I have ever seen in the Japanese animation: angry at the world, easily depressed and able to play basketball with half face covered with that damn hair bang.

Kuroko’s Basketball has several weak spots, but it will always be among my favorites.

Pokèmon Adventures: Black and White
(Hidenori Kusaka, Satoshi Yamamoto)
Rating: ****

Why do I collect just Pokèmon Black and White? Because it’s the only one that’s come out here so far.
Actually, also some volumes of the Red and Blue saga came out several years ago. They didn’t have any success I guess.
Despite Pokèmon Black and White is not my favorite saga, I have to be happy with what I’m given.
I really hope they will publish material from the other saga as well.
Let’s see what life left for us.

(Haruichi Furudate)

I was diffident about this one. I didn’t really appreciate the drawings and it seemed to me just another sports shonen manga I could do without.
Actually, under some points, this series it’s even better than Kuroko’s Basketball. More than characters, I daresay in here the plot is built in a manner that the event are not clichés as they sometimes appear in KnB.
Since the first volume came out in November 2014, I guess I’ll have to wait to see the end.

(Yoshiki Tonogai)

Please keep in mind that it just came out and I had the chance to read just the first two books. As you might have noticed, in here we have the same author of Judge and Doubt. Since I saw a slight improvement in Judge, I wanted to give it a chance. Up to now, it seems he deserves a bit more trust.

The hiccupped collection

This is my most hated category it involves both the ones that are finished publishing and the still publishing ones. The ones you can’t find some numbers of, as if your library was tidied up by an illiterate monkey.
Those comics you have a lots of volumes of, still you can’t read them because you miss just one number in the middle and that makes you go crazy.
I pretty know the sensation.

Black Butler
(Yana Toboso)

I started reading this manga last year, and I’m stuck at the forth volume. I already gor the numbers six and seven but I miss that fifth volume that completely prevents me to move forwards. And that’s a pity because I watched the anime and now I’m too curious.
Let's learn how to count!
Wait, what?

Attack on Titan
(Hajime Isayama)

I can’t even express a proper rating since I have a gap of seven volumes among the 2nd and the 10th (Besides, I have nothing after that). the problem is that everytime I spend all my money in something else and leave this manga for last, that’s how I didn’t buy a fuck in the last eight months.

Slam Dunk
(Takehiko Inohue)

I can’t even put the rating on this, since the three volumes I own are numbers 26, 28 and 29. After listening to all the different opinions on Kuroko no Basket, I really wanted to read this one as well, but it seems that the fate it’s always against me.

Sould Eater
(Atsushi Ohkubo)

A friend of mine goes crazy about this manga, and I wanted to try reading it. I am taking it slow in collecting it all, I bought volumes 1,2 and 4 (the number 3 was absent at the time), actually I’m not really liking it so I don’t think I’m going to finish it so soon.

Gundam Wing
(Koichi Tokita, Katsuhiko Chiba, Katsuyuki Sumisawa, Akira Kanabe)

I already read the manga when I was a kid, I borrowed it from a friend, but now that I’m collecting it I am facing problems in finding all the numbers out. Another huge incomplete stuff in my bookshelf.

The Slayers
(Hajime Kanzaka, Tommy Ohtsuka, Rui Araizumi, Shoko Yoshinaka)
I’m not even sure of what I have and I don’t have.
This was one of my favorite Japanese cartoon as a kid (Almost at the same level of Saber Marionette J), and now I’m trying to complete what was left undone so many years ago. The only problem is that it seems quite impossible since the volumes are pretty old.

(Nobuhiro Watsuki)

I found this manga at a cheap shop and I took all the numbers that were available. Of course they didn’t have them all. Actually I’m not really appreciating the story so far. That’s what’s taking me so long to read it.

Afterschool Nightmare
(Setona Mizushiro)

Despite I don’t own the whole numbers (I just miss the first number and I can’t seem to find it anywhere), I decided to move on with the reading. Luckily I did. I discovered this story thanks to an Italian blogger (I also discovered Death Sweeper thanks to her)and I was curious about it. That’s why I hurried to buy all the numbers. Despite I don’t really like Shojo Manga, this makes an exception. I truly appreciated it, pretty twisted to be honest but it was this sprinkle of insanity to make it more interesting.

This post was quite rushed, I hope I will publish an update someday

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