2015 upsies

Happy new year to everyone!
I saw the last post I wrote was uploaded in August. 
Did I forgot about this blog? This is partially true. The reason is that in addition to the usual load of study, I work almost all the week long in front of a computer screen and when I come back home I haven't the least intention in watching a screen any longer. 
I fell behind with some series (I still have to watch Durarara!! X2 and KnB S3), but I couldn't help it.  Useless to say, I didn't have that much time to play either. 

Temporarily forgetting the aforementioned topics, I wanted to sum up all the best stuff that I found out in this past year. 

Animated series 

I eventually succeeded to watch the whole Neon Genesis Evangelion animated series. 
Yes, I knew Evangelion but I had never watched it. 
"Ill screw you all"
I have to admit I understood why people are so fanatic about it.
Even though I could barely stand Shinji for the whole series (can you tell me how he could be so attached to Kaworu Nagisa even though he barely knew him? Call Sherlock Holmes), and most of the times I wished someone would have just killed him, I appreciated this show (the last two episodes need to be forgotten though). 
PS: was it me or there was a slightly excessive amount of fanservice at Kaworu's arrival?

Another series that I enjoyed was Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus. 
I guess I already spoke about it in some of my older posts, but anyway I can't write a post about the best stuff I discovered in 2015 without mentioning it. 
I found the whole story to be  moving but not boring  (and everyone knows how hard is for me to define a story that way, without insulting it). Not to mention that I literally died each time Sebastian mocked Ciel, I found the character being less stiff and formal than the previous season. 


First volume's cover
For what concerns this topic, most of the comics I've been buying this year are the same I started collecting some years ago (ex. Kuroko's Basket), the only new entry I really appreciate and I think it is worth to mention is Suicide Island. I bought the first number completely at random and, before I was able to understand it, I was completely caught into it. 
I don't know if it is because the main character resembles mine or because I love stories involving these half insane characters, I just enjoy reading it. 
I like how the story underlines the difficulties a society with no laws could have and how it underlines the fact that without an alpha leader, most of the common people would just fell into a complete destructive anarchy. 
What I am enjoying the most is the evolution the main character is having (and the peace by which this is happening) and how he is discovering and experimenting a human's primal instincts. 
This is a comic I will absolutely keep on reading next year!

Comic Convention and Cosplays
Unlike 2014, this year I attended two more comic convention and wore a total of three different costumes. 
The conventions I attended were all held around my city. Unluckily, all of them were pretty disappointing except for one that I hope will get even better the next year. 
The comic convention I attended were four: 
  • Forlive Comics and Games - May 2015, Forlì: one of the most disappointing convention ever. there was almost nothing to see, the merchandise was completely useless and it was freaking hot inside. I needed to pay a 5€ ticket (cosplayer price) and it wasn't worth it. At all (Costume worn: Julia from Pokèmon Reborn); 
  • Rimini Comix - July 2015, Rimini: This is was the very first convention I have ever attended, and one of my favorite (and not only because is free to enter). I guess the location plays a key role and it's just the right place for a convention held in summer. This year they disposed the stands and the stage in a different way and it was  pretty difficult and confusing to move around; not to mention that his was one of the hottest summers ever and I couldn't even put any make up on because it was literally melting on my face. I guess this is a convention not suitable to visit in cosplay. (Costume worn: Julia from Pokèmon Reborn); 
  • Comicspopoli - September 2015, Forlimpopoli: this was my favorite this year. I took part to both the convention days (something that usually I never do for the cons I visit since they are small and you can visit them all in half a day). The convention takes place in the center of a small city (which name sounds like Cianwood's City Italian name) located in the hills (how romantic). This year the entrance wasn't for free anymore, but everything summed up, eight euros for two days isn't that bad, not to mention that there were some interesting exhibitions and events going until late night (I guess they opened the castle to public for the zombie haunt event) (Costumes worn: Yosen school uniform's Murasakibara Atsushi from Kuroko's Basket, fisrt day; Julia from Pokèmon Reborn, second day),; 
  • Forlive Comics and Games: Winter Edition - December 2015, Forlì: yes, this was the winter edition of that stuff held in may. I even paid an higher price to get inside and this time it was even less interesting than the one held in May! Why did I decided to give it another shot? I don't know(Costume worn: Dr. N. Gin from the Crash Bandicoot games). 
Those were summed up all the conventions I went to this year. I hope I'll be able to attend some bigger ones, maybe abroad, next year. 


Same stuff as the animated series. I didn't have that much time for games. I didn't download any new fangame  (I need some). However, there actually was a game I played all this year long. 
I am talking about Pokèmon Alpha Sapphire. How to forget it? 
I was eager to try this remake out, and I have to admit it turned out better than expected. I am not  a great fan of online trading and the Pokèmon Bank, I shall admit, I like it better to find rare Pokèmon with my own strength and experience (and lots of patience too) and in this game I was given the chance to do it. 
I almost cried when I found out the ability of riding Latias/Latios, it's like part of a dream coming true. 
It's everything perfect, from the plot to the OST; there are really several Pokèmon you can find in a thousand different ways and it kept me glued on my Nintendo 2DS for days (I think I even neglected my friends.... oopsie). 
However, what I like the most in this game is just one single thing: 
"With dignity and respect" cit. 
I laughed my ass off as soon as I saw Wallace's new outfit. I mean,look at him, looks like his washing machine broke. I can't stay serious at this! 


Here comes one of my favorite parts. 
I discovered several new bands this year and I want a ticket for each one of them.
The first one I discovered is the so called pirate metal band named Alestorm. One single song was needed to love them. As soon as I heard this song, I felt like it was written for me: 
All their songs have the connecting pirate theme, some happy and good music you can rarely find nowadays. 

Second discovered band (and loved at first song) is called Starset. They are pretty young, musically speaking, since they formed in 2013. Completely different from their colleagues above, Starset's music connecting tread is the space. Everything, form the lyrics to the arrangements brings the listener to an outer space. 
Nothing is casual, since one of the former members is an electrical engineer with a strong interest for space technologies. So I guess they also have a solid scientific base underneath which is always appreciate and rare to observe nowadays. 
Please have a taste of the high quality proposed with the song down below.

I guess I saw better years than this one, but still it gave me some small joys. 

I wish you all had a nice year and that an even better year will come! 

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