Drawing development II

Another year has (just) passed.
Despite I could barely find time to breathe, I’ve been drawing quite a lot. This also thanks to my precious friend who gave me a drawing tablet as graduation gift.

Looking back to some of my old creations, I can say I am pretty proud of my progresses and I would like to share them with you, hoping you will enjoy them.

I already did a similar post maybe two years ago, showing my progresses since 2011/2012, the years when I decided to get my ass back on drawing, I never did one since so I thought it would be nice to make one anew.
I what I might call “the previous episode of this post”, the drawings were listed according to date, this time I decided to order them according to theme.  

One of my favorite fandoms to draw for was Pokèmon Reborn, it couldn’t be otherwise, being this game on the top of my loved ones list.

Two of those fanarts represent my favorite NPC in the game, the electric Gym Leader Julia.
I love her enthusiasm (especially when there’s something to blow up) and her looking. She’s one of the first characters I came in contact with, and her entrance lines were the ones who caught me up.
In this first version (July 2014) I pretty messed up her clothes (they are nothing like the ones she wear in the game). I am conscious it’s not a big deal, however I felt guilty for that and that’s why I decided to draw her again with proper clothes later on June 2015. I just had two important exams and that was an important stress-relieving factor.
Gym Leade Julia :July 2014

Gym Leader Julia :July 2015

 As you might expect, Julia isn’t the only character worth mentioning in such an intricate storyline. Another character that I can’t exactly describe as my favorite ever, but sure worth mentioning is the ghost type Gym Leader Shade. This character is not actually a person in flesh and bones, it’s more an entity who takes souls of the dead away. He is a bit creepy (luckily it was daytime when I met him inside that power plant…) and sure he hides several mysterious secrets which make him somehow fascinating. For the aforementioned reasons, I decided to depict him in a watercolor drawing back in July 2014.
Gym Leader Shade: July 2014

I can’t close this huge bracket without Cal and his filthy-mouthed brother Blake. I literally laughed myself off the whole time as soon as Blake appeared.
I depict the scene after the final battle (insults included) because I was in tears. I would dare challenging him once again just to see that scene once more.
Useless to say, I am also kind of a fan of the siblings, and that’s why I decided to dedicate them one more fanart.
Since Blake’s hair are literally a riddle to me (and, judging from his face’s proportion, head is one as well), I decided to turn just Cal into digital.
Oaf-head&Bro: November 2015

Blake & Cal: May 2015

Cal digital: November 2015

 Since I mentioned the fangame, I couldn’t leave the original series behind. In fact, most of my drawings are somehow connected with Pokèmon.

I’d love to start this somehow infinite list with what was my first painting with water colors.
The cape is messy, and Lance’s shoulder seems to be broken, but at least his face looks decent in this depiction (yes, I do have problems in drawing Lance).
Shoulder-broken Lance: 2014

Lance orthopedic problems aside, I have a bunch of favorite characters in the Pokèmon Universe. My favorite ever is Gym Leader Sabrina, even more than Lance. I think she is the emblem of badassery in the Pokèmon world. 
Something like two years ago, on TV, they broadcast back the very first Pokèmon Season (I guess it was some kind of celebration for the launch of Pokèmon X and Y games). Unluckily, I couldn’t watch the whole series, but I got the ones in which Ash and his friends meet Sabrina for the first time. If played by actors and with the right special effects, that episode could be a good horror movie.
In those days, when I recalled how great Sabrina was, I decided to draw her. I have to admit I am even pretty satisfied with the result.
Gym Leader Sabrina: 2014

I am sure all the fans have their headcanons one way or another, I am no different (and for what concerns this peculiar one, I guess I’m not the only one).  One of my favorite headcanons for Pokèmon concerns Silver (from the GSC and HGSS games) and Roark (PDP games). As many of you might have noticed the look like one another, and from this I got my headcanon of the two being twins. I even made up sort of a story for them, and this was supposed to be the cover (I am going to change that now).
Sun and Moon: 2014

Another one I am not really proud of, but I believe is still worth mentioning here, is the representation of Wallace I did right after buying Pokèmon Alpha Sapphire. The idea bumped in my mind as soon as I met the water Gym Leader in the game.
His new outfit made me crack, it looks like he kept his clothes in the washing machine for too long.
With dignity and respect: 2015

The last fanart I present is still incomplete, but I hope I will ultimate it soon, is the periodic table of Pokèmon.
I don’t know what exactly pushed me to, but I spent several days looking for exact correspondences and that’s what came out so far…
Periodic table of Pokèmon: 2014

As I mentioned before, it is hard for me to keep Pokèmon away, even when another fandom is involved.
If I had to make a chart of my fandoms, at the second place there would surely be Kuroko’s Basket. I like to draw almost all the characters (exception made for Akashi, don’t ask me why), especially Murasakibara, which somehow represents my spirit animal.
My very first trial with the digital tablet was with a Chibi version of Kise. Later, I made another one with Chibi Murasakibara.
I realized more fanarts using different methods; I used watercolors for the KnB/Pokèmon crossover with Kuroko and Kagami walking through the woods; in a representation of Himuro and Murasakibara I used pastels. In the end, for what I call my favorite KnB fanart I used watercolors.
I’d like to stop a bit longer on the last mentioned one. You should know that when I arrived in what is currently my house, the old inhabitants hung a creepy and disgusting paint on the wall that would get the dead depressed, thus I had to replace it with something fresher and a bit more colored. That’s what lead me to create the fanart which is currently hanging on my kitchen wall.
Especially Kise became one of my best study mates. Several times, when I study, I repeat chapters and glance at him for confirmation. The day he’d get out of that painting, he is going to degree with higher marks than mine.
Chibi Kise: 2014

Chibi Mukkun: 2014

Yosen's double aces: 2014

Kuroko and Kagami Pokèmon trainers: 2014

Kiseki no Sedai: 2014

 I spoke about Pokèmon a lot, but let’s not forget that I am a bit of a Digi-destined inside. I watched the whole 1st and 2nd seasons all over and it was like being seven/eight years old again.
Unfortunately, I didn’t draw much from this anime, and most of my creation were aimed to experiment new means such as the graphic tablet and the poster painting stuff.
Supposed to be a Botamon: 2014

Koromon's eye: 2014

Angewomon: 2014

Angewomon: 2014

 Moving to that dark side of the fandom, I have a confession regarding Kuroshitsuji . Last year I watched the whole Book of Circus anime and my mind forced me to ship I guess what’s the crack-iest pair on Earth: Sebastian and Joker.
I don’t really have ships for this fandom apart for those two and the only two pictures I drew included them (and, searching through Tumblr tags, seems there are few like me, whatever).
Sebastian x Joker: 2015

Sebastian x Joker: 2016

With these last pictures,  fanarts are over. Useless to admit that last year I focused more on Original Characters rather than fictional ones. Actually, the first Original Characters aren’t completely separated from the Pokèmon universe, since they are characters in the Pokèmon universe.
They are a bunch of trainers I made up when I first started playing Pokèmon which evolved (from friends’ depiction to stand alone characters) through the years.
The three I represented the most are the police officers Blackie and Bruce and the annoying reporter Mia.
Mia, Bruce and Blackie: 2014

Blackie outfits 1: 2015

Blackie outfits + Bruce: 2015

 Pokèmon aside, I have two main Universes I am carrying out. One has been on hiatus for over a year and the other is in (slow) progress (I wrote an article about it few time after it took shape in my thoughts) .
The very first one was born thanks to an OC for the Gunadm Wing universe who later bloomed in a complete stand-alone character.
The girl I am talking about is Ellis Armstrong, a cold-hearted/blooded girl who would kill even her siblings to get what she wants. She and her fellows and enemies are all part of a story that I planned, but needed to be fixed in more than one point.
One of the critical issues to fix is Ellis hair color, on a first impact, she looked cool with that violet hair, but now the more I think about it, the more cliché it feels. I decided I want to make her  hair color a plain and elegant pitch black: it looks better and even more real, even though all her artworks depict her with violet hair.
Hawk and its prey: 2014

Ellis: 2014

Bloody Ellis: 2014

There are, of course, other meaningful characters such as Drake, Leo and Trent, but I think I already displayed them back in 2013/4.
A character I depicted just few times is Ellis’ loyal fellow Clive: a man devoured by envy who fights by Ellis side hoping to get his revenge.

Not a lucky battle, I guess: 2014

Burn it down: 2014

The drawings load is almost over, I saved my little pride for last.
As explained extensively here, the characters that will follow were meant to be in a Pokèmon AU (as displayed by Aurum), but ended up somehow having their own life.  The reason why I am peculiarly attached to this Universe of mine is because I guess this is the comic I’ve always wanted to draw but never did, luckily, it isn’t too late for that: new ideas are always coming to my mind, and I hope it will turn into a concrete project someday.
RAs for now, I made some kind of characters’ bible, I mean to insert them every now and then when the story will be uploaded on my deviantArt.

Aurum first sketch: 2014

Aurum, Pixie and SIgmund: 2015

Venia Sketch: 2015

Armored Venia: 2015

Venia: 2015

Venia and chlorine: 2015

Venia, Icarus, Misterius: 2014

Pixie, Pitch and Moonlight: 2015

Icarus: 2015

Hot heads: 2015

Street life: 2015

Sigmund cap: 2015

Pixie: 2015

Icarus and literature: 2015

Sigmund and Fred: 2015

Out for lunch: 2015

Venia: 2015

Pixie character sheet: 2015

Pixie: 2015

Santa Sigmund: 2015

Chibi Venia: 2015

I guess this is all folks! Thank you for paying attention to me, wasting your precious time!
If you want to see more of my works in the future, visit my deviantArt page.
Sometimes I publish scraps even on my Instagram profile.

Thank you all for stopping by !!

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