20 Facts challenge - Day Four

Day Four: Your dream job

Here I've got some options.

1) Professional book/comic writer
I spend a lot of time writing and drawing, it would be great if one day this could become my job, but I guess that's just never going to happen.
Sometimes I daydream about my books being turned into animation, movies or TV series or people cosplaying as my characters and sending me fanarts.
What a big dreamer I am.

2) Health inspector
This is more likely since I've focused my studies on it.
Food safety, especially for what concerns microbiology, is one of my greatest interests, I really hope to become one of the assholes who goes and checks restaurants' cleanliness.
The joke is that every single time I go eat out I always get the dirty glass.

3)Ordinary Professor
I'd love to teach at my University (just at this leve, I don't like working with kids and teens). This is possible, but is going to require a long time.

4) Stand up comedian
I've always liked to joke on facts which happened to me and most of the times, I make other people laugh. I also had some acting studies and I would love to work on stage.
I would love to act in Italian (while for writing I prefer English) since my favorite comedians are Italian.
This isn't likely to happen at all. 

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