20 Facts challenge - Day One

Waiting for some good Idea to come, I decided to make, guess what? Another 30 day challenge to put on queue, so it will post on its own! (So original).
This time it has a more personal cut (I usually don't like those, but this isn't bad ), so expect to discover my devilish, hidden secrets (more than devilish they are silly, but that's fine: let's pretend).
Enough with bullshits, let's get it started!

Day one: Your blog's name

Piloswine's captivating eyes.

It isn't its first name though (you can read it from the URL). When I first opened this blog, I had a thing for Platypuses, and I called it My Platypus is pissed off. It was a blog supposed to talk about my life (I don't know how could I hope people would be interested in it), especially what I found unbearable about it (everything).

I used to post news about my life, my pictures, which exams I did which songs I liked (just by linking the YouTube video). I was bored and boring.
When I moved out of home and enrolled into college I discovered my interests for comics, animation and games again, and tumblr. gave me a big hand, I got into the fanfiction world and even found my passion for drawing again.

I was introduced to the amazing world of the Pokèmon fangames and slowly decided to write posts that didn't deal with my personal life (really, no one cares how much I scored in an exam).

I have never really had success, I've just got some random comments, yet I keep on doing this because I like to. I don't care if people read me or not.

The decision with the actual name came into my mind after I started playing Pokèmon X. I caught a Piloswine and saw its eyes for the first time (I laughed like a fool). Piloswine's eyes are nothing but small spots which are usually covered by fur, I just wanted an hilarious title to give to my blog and since Pokèmon became the main subject of my posts, I thought it was nice.
Charming, uh?
This blog's name change signed a new beginning to me, the old me, the one obsessed with body weight, who watched everything with a negative look was gone forever (Damn you, teen days!) and now a new me is raging on. 

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