20 Facts challenge: Day Seven

Day Seven: Your Five favorite songs

Hard choice indeed.

The first one is Drink by Alestorm, it represents me. Literally.

Second one is Betrayer of the Code by the Swedish band The Unguided.
It inspired me more than once while working on my comic.
At the third place there's Strength of the World by Anvenged Sevenfold.
This is my favorite song ever, it's magic and well done. It's a pity they didn't sing it when I went to see them live
Forth place is held by Monster by Skillet
Every time I need to draw a fighter I put this on. It's simply magnifical
At the fifth place I'd add Good Charlotte's song from the album The Chronicles of Life&Death called Predictable,
When I was at middle school, I spend hours listening to it. It became like my OST.

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