20 Facts challenge - Day Six

Day Six: what are you afraid of 
(Feat. Furihata Kouki)

Actually, there aren't many things that make me afraid, but I've got this phobia for grasshoppers. I am so afraid of them to the point that if I meet one in one street, I would avoid thatpath for few weeks.
Everything started some months after my grandmother's death, I was with my fater at what later became his house.
It had been neglected at the time and it was full of dust and dirt. At some points I careless laid my hand on a drawer and I found a green stuff which looked more like a plant to me on my finger (I was six at the time). From that time I've always been afraid of them.

I've got some kind of funny stories with grasshoppers. Let me tell you how they oppress me.

One day I went to the restroom at my mother's home. As I sat on the toilet, I found a grasshopper on the cabinet in front of me that was staring at me.
I slowly pulled my pants up carefully getting out of the room in order to avoid the damn thing to jump left and right.
I then pulled and closed my brother in the restroom ordering him to get rid of the demon, otherwise he would have never came out of there.

When I was young, I used to have canaries and kept them in the garage. Even when they died the cage stood on the garage shelves.
It was summer, I went down to put my bike in place and heard noises coming from the bird's cage. That was odd, since the last canary died few months before. I thought my parents or my grandparents bought me a new birdie and wanted to surprise me.
I ran towards the cage to se this new fluffy and colored bird and I was faced with an ugly brown and green jumping demon that my brother decided to adopt as a pet....

I grew up, but my phobia stays.
Something like two, thre years ago I was in the living room of my apartment. My flatmate Martins was washing the floor.
At my house there's an outside balcony which has a sink we use to empty and fill the bucket to wash the floor; Martins went out to empty that, but few second later, she came back with a disgusted face calling me out.
Since at home I'm the one who takes care of spiders, moths and wasps, I thought she saw some of those little creatures. I stood up grabbing my wasps killing spray when she said the cursed word "There's a grasshopper in the sink!"
My reaction was like "Shut all the damn windows! I forbid any of you to open them until that evil beast has gone!" 
The damn insect used my sink as a house for more than a fucking week, I tried to kill it but it was useless, I needed to wait until it died for hunger.

This one is more recent (it happened this summer). I went to the mall and was coming back when, on the main door's handle, I found a huge cricket walking.
I called my roomie and she gave threw me a broom out of the widnow so I can get rid of that.
It took twenty minute and both of us to allow me getting inside my house.

Right now I am in Nebraska and in here is fucking full of grasshopper, all the sizes! Yesterday I found two of them at it! Jeez, I feel like I want to puke. 

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