20 Facts challenge - Day Two

Day two: Twenty facts about you

Fact number one: In the last post, I forgot to link the meme source, please find it here.

Fact number two: I like purely asshole characters (like Hanamiya Makoto in Kuroko no Basket) because I think that some people are asshole just because they like to be, If someone behaves like a dickhead isn't necessarly because he was beaten up as a child.
87% of the times, especially in modern fictions comes out that the villain had some problems, that he was a victim turned into an executioner, which is nice but far too common. Not to mention that then people tend to justify some behavior in real life "Okay, he raped his daughter, mother and grandmother, but he was forbidden to watch Batman as a kid!". Nope.

Fact number three: I have a thing for popcorns.

Fact number four: 90% of my dreams are about food, the rest 10% are really stupid.

Fact number five: I don't like kids and children but when I see a dog I go into what could be defined a moe mode.
This is exactly my face whenever I see a dog
Fact number six: (And I guess I'm not the only one) Every single time I travel abroad I get bad diarrhea attacks. I think that at Berlin's undergound station I left the attendant something like five euros in one day because I needed to use the restroom five times in a row.

Fact number seven: I like beer

Fact number eight: I used to fye my air some years ago, I made them red, pitch black, black and violet, blonde, black and emerald green, black and bright green.

Fact number nine: I wake up pretty early

Fact number ten: I use a Digimon pencilcase

Fact number eleven: the only character I fangirl a lot on is Lance from the Pokèmon series
Can you blame me?
Fact number twelve: When after looking for it so long, I eventually found the Killers' album Hot fuss, I cried for happiness (they weren't really popular in Italy at that time)

Fact number thirteen: Despite being Italian, I don't really like wine 

Fact number fourteen: I can't sing at all

Fact number fifteen: I can't pronunce the "gl" properly

Fact number sixteen: I love spicy food

Fact number seventeen: Sometimes I cosplay

Fact number eighteen: I mostly wear black

Fact number nineteen: I love comedies

Fact number twenty: I ran out of ideas

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