Yet another Pokèmon Meme

I need something funny to clear my head a bit.
Here's a 30 Day Pokemon Challenge I found on tumblr, on this page which contains a lot of anime, manga and videogames related challenges.
The questions arent' too long, so I decide to compress it al in one single post, so if you don't care, you can skip it in one single step.

1) Favorite Pokèmon

One of the hardest questions ever. It's hard to pick just one for several reasons (battle skills, appearance...), but since the meme requests just one, I'll go with the evergreen Drapion.
Among al the Pokèmon, it is the one I loved the most, it's the one who completely made me change my mind about the new generations.
I don't know if I've already told you this stor, but my stor with the Pokèmon active gaming had a some years pause, the last game I played before that was Pokèmon Emerald, I guess, for some months and then nothing.

When I started back, I went from the basiscs to the more modern Pokèmon Pearl which I didn't like in the beginning, or better, I didn't have a Nintendo DS, thus I can't afford it, thus I forced myself to believe I hated it.
Most of the IV gen. Pokèmon were a surprise to me, but when Aaron took drapion out, that was the end: super fast and super angry, it was about to destroy my team like no one ever did. Useless to say, this Pokèmon would never be missed in m team,

2) Favorite Type & Type combination
For what concerns the single tpe, I have a thing for poison type Pokèmon, in fact my top five favorite Pokèmon include: Drapion, Crobat, Toxicroak, Muk and Roserade, so the posion type is always present one way or another .
It can't be misses on the dual type as well, as favorite dal type I'd say Poison/Dark: the dark type, makes the pokèmon immune from psychic attacks and the poison makes most of the super-effective attacks against dark to have just ordinary damage. Earthuake is still a problem, but whatever.

3)Favorite generation or region

I'm sorry, but at this question, I cannot et my feelings out. My favorite Generation is the II, while my favorite region is, as you can image Johto.
I spendt months and even years over Pokèmon Gold, Silver and Crystal (I think those are the games I played with the most, especially Crystal). those were more than games to me: those were my actual second life. Most of my Pokèmon original characters took shape back from those times.
Also the OST is one of my favorite, the pacific theme of Goldenrod City, the thrilling background of the Gym Leaders and the majestic tunes of the Champion.
The game was also full (always speaking about a GBC game) of side quests, sometimes, I played the game just for those.

4) Show or game?
Despite the show was what actually ulled me into Pokèmon, I'l always vote for the game. The reason is the show sometimes is too childish, maybe and Ash is in most of the cases, a adumbass. Not to mention that sometimes it has huge narrative holes in it.

5)Favorite Pokèmon movie

Here the nostalgic me takes over myself again and I have to say the first.
I saw it to the big screen some days after it came out (I think they also gifted Pokèmon stickers at the theatre entrance) I cried, like almost all the kids did, and I put the movie on loop when I got the VHS at home. I recently bought the VHS again because the one I got as akid got lost somewhere (and maybe even ruined).

6)Least Favorite Game
Black and White. I don't realy like the Pokèmon in those generation and the fact that you cant access Pokèmon from the previous generations before hitting the league bothered me a bit.
Not to mention there is almost no connection to the previous games.
Luckilyn they recovered a bit with Black and White II.

7) Since Mewthree was released recently, share any interesting fan theories/easter eggs you've heard of
Actually, I sitck to what I find on Bulbapedia and Pokèmon wikia, so I can't really list anything different from what described there,

8)Hardest Gym Leader to beat 

I should have a pretty long list, but I daresay Clair from Pokèmon GSC games.
I needed to get ready for weeks before challenging her. she was a badass and I cried blood over her battles, I admit it.
Another one worth to be mentined is Whithney, her Miltank's Rollout scared most of the kids who played those games.
For what concerns the new generations, I have to admit I had some troubles defeating Clay in Pokèmon Black and White II, always. He's a pretty badass as well, as you could understand,

9)Favorite Battle Frontier
I went to the batle frontier just a couple of times actualy. I spend most of the time trying to fill the Pokèdex, thus I don't really know how to answer this question because I clearly don't recall.

10) Best main character design?
My favorite is Xavier form Pokèmon Y and X.

11)Do you own any Pokèmon merchandise?
Any would be reductive. at the moment, I collected: a Clefairy waterflask, several action figures, some school rubbers, a magnet, four plushes, a hat, a wallet and different Pokèballs.

12) Do you think there is a certain nostalgia factor to the older games that makes you remember it better than it might hav been?
I didn't deny it. However, this doesn't prevent me to like newer generation like the IV and the VI (the V just doesn't suit my pockets, sorry).

13) Which game had the best soundtrack?
I think I already answered to this before, it has to be Pokèmon Crystal.

14) Worst Pokèmon movie?
Genesect and the Legend Awakened: it was too confusing for my tastes, I dont even like Genesect.

15)Do you use poffins?

16)Are you into the card game?
Not anymore, but I used to. I'm spending some money trying to get back at it, it's a funny game, I also played the digital version for Gameboy.

17)Did you collect the figures?
I have a team and its trainer.

18)Favorite water type 

Feraligatr was my sideckik along the whole adventure in Pokèmon Gold.
The nostalgic me is fooling me again, but this is my final answer,
Feraligats is the water.

I also have a nice memory from the anime about Totodile, it was a funny Pokèmon and so this is my favorite water Pokèmon.

19)Favorite Grass type
Roserade. Roserade s pure speed and it's a badass when it comes to poisoning the opposite, I kept it for most of the games and she's always present whenever I fight a monotype battle.

20)Favorite Dark-type
Spiritomb. Hard to cach and rise, worth to fight with, if you trained it good.

21)What do you think of the new fairy type?
Overrated, but honestly I didn't train enough fairy types to be a fair judge.

22)Are you planning on getting Pokèmon X and Y?
I already have.

23)Least favorite legendary

24)Favorite legendary that got a movie
In this case, I have to say Entei

25)Almost done...draw your top 3 favorite Pokèmon
At the moment I'm not even in my country and I have nothing I can draw with, you'll have to go with the sprites:

26) Design a new Pokpmon from a mix of 3 existing ones
Forgive me, but for the aforementione dreason I have to use the online app:
add it a pair of Crobat's wings and the games are done.

27) There's a lot of parodies and ripoffs of Pokèmon, give us the best one
The motherucking Dragonite commercial holds a special place in my heart. 

28) Favorite Character from the show
Of course Brock

29)Your favorite type of Pokèball
I'm a LevelBall addicted

30)One More! Faorite Professor
Prof. Elm wins over everyone

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