Halloween special: my favorite 10 creepy characters

Someone is suggesting me today's Halloween.
I thought it would be nice to use this day as an "excuse" to make a post on my favorite "Hallowen characters", or those characters who, for their role can be found ou during the Halloween night.
No, they are not creepy. I just din't want to spoil anything. Well, actually Haruka kind of gives me the creeps.... 
Before the official start, this post might contain minor spoilers on the following series: American Horror Story; Digimon Adventures I/II; Pokèmon Reborn, Pokèmon,; Law&Order SVU; Who framed Roger Rabbit, Spyro the Dragon; Crash Bandicoot; Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.
If you don't care please proceed, otherwise, thank you for stopping by!

Myotismon - Digimon Adventures I/II

I couldn't start this post wthout mentioning one of my favorite characters ever.
I also appreaciated Devimon and LadydDvimon, however I decided to reserve Mytoismon a special place. Why? He is the most enduring villain in the whole series. Protagonists really need to squeeze their brains, sharpen their swords and prepare their muscles to defeat him.
During the second season, he becomes even more creepy, possessing Mr. Yukio Oikawa. He is the villain not in one but in two seasons, so no one better than him could be the representative for the Digimon cathegory.

The Butcher - American Horror Story 

I was pretty fought among her and Twisty the Clown from Freak Show. In the end, I decided to add her as there's also the ghost and curse component on this character (read: she is spookier).
I am referring both to the actress playing her role in the metashow (Agnes Mary Winstead)  and the original figure. Merciless and bloody she is one of the characters who creeped me out the most so far in the whle series.

William Lewis - Law&Order SVU

Unlike the previous two, this character is creepy because he could be so dangerously real. To think that people like him  exist make me feel sick.
William Lewis is a sadistic serial rapist and killer who is not afraid to use violence for his own fun. What is even creepier is the fact that he looks like an awesome young man and when he is being processed he even manages to gain part of the jury's favor using nice manners making them almost forget he kidnapped a policeman, raped and old woman and killed her old husband. Did I mention he tortured Olivia as well?
What is scarier is that he is too damn good at messing up with evidences and his negative memory will haunt the victim for a long time even after he is dead. If he can't be considered creepy, then please explain me your concept of creepy.

Buzz - Spyro the Dragon

Monsters couldn't be left out of this chart. Buzz, among the whole bosses in Spyro: The Year of The Dragon, was the one which made my adrenaline run the most.
A giant frog with sharp teeth which can spit fire and use its scales as a chainsaw. I don't think I need to add anything more.

Ripper Roo - Crash Bandicoot

Okay, I understand he could be seen as hilarious, because he actually is. However, for a single moment, try to take this character out of his context.
Place yourself in a dark room  in which you see no escape and pretend to hear his shrill laughter right before a TNT drops before your head and you have just three seconds to run away.
Creepy enough, I daresay.

Shade - Pokèmon Reborn

I couldn't leave this character out. He is one of my favorite, as well as one of the best designed, according to me, in the whole game.
This gym leader isn't a human, isn't a Pokèmon, he is an entity, his gym is an abandoned power plant in which, a set of screens display past and future deaths. He appears at Corey's side when he decides to throw himself off of a bridge to take his soul away.
What really creeped me out is one single scene. After the whole power plant ordeal, you reach him, and, in the dark, his red eyes and evil sharp-teethed smirk appears. I swear that for a mere second I was about to shit in my pants.
This game is actually a huge salad mix of creepy characters, but this one beates them all.

Marowak Ghost - Pokèmon 

The whole Lavender Town should be in this thread actually.
I didn't want to put this event in the beginning because after Reborn, nothing can impress me the same way in the original series. However, making differences with the new games, I have to recognize this moment gives a good shake to the games, making them more interesting. In the new version, they tried to add this mystery spark, but they failed miserably.
Since it was supposed to be a game for kids, Marowak ghost could be considered kinda disturbing, thus it is getting a place in my chart.

The Undertaker - Kuroshitsuji
Okay, he isn't actually mean as some other characters in this post. However, he kinda of gives me the creeps. Those long nails and that weird grin. I have to admit I haven't read all the manga so far and just watched the first season of the anime and the Book of Circus, so, perhaps, I haven't seen all of him.
However, he has this ind of grim side which pretty unsettles me and I think he deserves a place here.

Judge Doom - Who framed Roger Rabbit

Two words: Childhood Trauma.
My brother refused to watch the whole movie because he was afraid of this character. I could bear him for most of the time, however, at that final scene, after he gets up, squashed from the steamroller and changes his voice, I just had to mute the TV.

The Gentlemen - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Differently from vampires, which of course are the leading characters in this series, there was this single episode which really disturbed both me and my brother when we were young (Yes, they broadcast Buffy after Dragonball GT after lunch. Don't question, just don't). The Gentleman are creatures who steal people's voices closing them in a magic box because a human scream might kill them, and they go around collecting people's hearts.
They gave me nightmares for a good whole week, and this episode was broadcast in summer at 14.00.

These are my 10 favorite creepy characters, which are yours?
Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!

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