Future plans: a quick view

A really quick post about what is going to be up in this blog in the following couple of months. I promise I will respect the schedule this time! 

I am coming back with the reviews, since I found a new Pokèmon game and I will surely write something about the ne Pokèmon Sun I'm going to purchase. 

A review on the Yaoi stuff is coming out. It's not going to be the conventional "OH GAHD, MY OTP IS SOOOO COOOOL", but I need to watch a couple of them again. 

The "How Do I University" series is still coming out, I'm working on it! 

By the end of the year, I will post a 2016 upsies as well as the drawing development, let's keep the tradition alive. 

That's all I needed to tell you, have a happy halloween guys ;)

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