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Hello shag. It’s been a while.
I am currently at my folks so I have some spare time and I can update this blog.

SPOILER ALERT: Please notice that there will be minor spoilers in this article, especially regarding Pokèmon Sun and Pokèmon Moon. Thus if you still haven’t played the game, please come back later. If you are okay with spoilers, then go on.

 Not so much has been going on since the last update. I am still struggling in the desperate attempt to defeat Ciel in Pokèmon Reborn, I hate her and her Archeops. I’ve been trying to build a balanced team but nothing seems to work so far. Moreover, all the members in my “ace team” are now above lv.75, this means they are not the best choice in battle since they would ignore all my orders.
Did some of you defeat her? What was your strategy? Despite my efforts I can’t figure it out.

Video-gaming life has been pretty frustrating lately. My brother got me “The Legend of Zelda: A link Between Worlds” for 3DS. This is my third Zelda game (actually the first for DS) and, Hyrule be damned, I am hopeless at it. Every time I am sure I figured out how to get out of a puzzle, here comes something that makes it even more complicated. I bet even my grandmother would defeat me.
What makes this game complicated is the limited time for using rented weapons and powers. Thinking about it, I haven’t been playing this kind of game since Crash Twinsanity for PS2 (Yes, PS2 you read that right) and I guess I am a bit out of practice.

Frustration for frustration, here comes another big one: I became a git at Tekken too. It’s okay to have some problems with Zelda, it’s not a game I have experienced so much before, problems with Reborn are fine, we all know that isn’t exactly the classical Pokèmon game. For what concerns Tekken, I have serious problems accepting it. I had never been a champion, mind that, but I wasn’t this scarce either.
The last time I went home, my brother challenged me and the only two times I won was thanks to the sheer of dumb luck!
I spent hours, days, weeks, months until five years ago playing that game and now I am like a damn noob. I could try to blame the X-box for that but I know it’s not just the console.

Frustration aside, my lately gaming life had some light spots as well. Let’s start with one of my biggest satisfactions: Fire Emblem.
Something like four or five years ago, I had a dream in which I was playing Fire Embem: Awakening and I wanted to try that so desperately. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much money at the time and my first choices were all towards Pokèmon Games.
Since some months ago, the times changed, I decided to eventually buy it. Despite what I wrote above, my first contact with the Fire Emblem franchise happened via Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (Thank you, Lord Ryoma). I wasn’t used to this kind of gameplay and I have to admit that it was a bit boring at the beginning, so much I was starting to hate me for buying it instead of Super Smash Bros.
However, once the game was on, I couldn’t take my attention off of it, same observation goes for Fire Emblem: Awakening.
I cannot fully appreciate the storylines because I didn’t play the previous chapters (and as far as I understood, in Fire Emblem Awakening there are some reminders) and/or I didn’t play the alternate version (Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest). 
The only thing that left me a bit disappointed was the scarce originality in some cases for what concerns secondary characters. One representative example is given by Gaius (FEA) and Asugi (FEFB). Not only they share the same character design, even their behavior is the same.
Looks like the same person doing a different cosplay.

Zelda, Tekken, Fire Emblem… seems like I shoot almost to everyone today. There is one more game I’d love to add to this brief review. A game that a person like me cannot avoid to play: Pokèmon Sun and Pokèmon Moon.
For the first time, I bought them both almost at the same time since I got some crazy sales in December (Merry Christmas).
Let’s start saying these games got me pretty glued (ordinary Pokèmon effect). As many of you noticed, these games have significant differences with their previous chapters.
First of all, Gym Leader’s substitution with Captain Trials and the Totem Pokèmon challenge. Yes or no?
Nyes. How to say that, I think Pokèmon needed to be renewed a little bit. However, having played Pokèmon Games since the beginning, this renewal kind of bothers me. I feel like my father when the electric company advised him that all the communications and bills would be addressed at his email address instead of paper mail. I mean, if something has worked well for so long, what is the purpose of changing it?

The second major change concerns the new regional forms. I have no problem with this, in the end this was just an implementation of an already existing condition (ex. Shiny Pokèmon, shape differences according to gender, different evolutions from the same Pokèmon…). Not to mention that according to the Pokèmon logic, this condition is actually possible unlike the Mega Evolution which screamed: “Digimon!” from the core. The fact that some of the regional forms are a punch to the eyeball is another question.

Following news in the game are the Z-powers. In the first place, I didn’t really like them to the point that I never used them. I found it just to be another form of Mega Evolution. However, looking at it with a different eye, I changed my mind, in the end they have more or less an analogue function of the X-Attack and affiliates, besides I have to admit I enjoy the animations.

These small critiques aside, I have to admit I actually enjoyed the game, I especially adored the villains. It has that something that remind me of Pokèmon Reborn. That Lusamine is nuts.

Another thing I enjoyed is the fact that once you become the champion you can battle different challengers and it makes everything more plausible and fun, it makes you feel like an actual Pokèmon Champion. 

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