Halloween's special: Creepy KuroBasu Characters - Hanamiya Makoto

Hello spooky shag!
I'm trying to recover and decided to update this blog at least for Halloween. 
If you are on Kuroko's Basket Amino, you will probably notice I wrote a very similar post on the subject. 

Halloween is coming and last year I did this "Favorite creepy characters Top 10" and (damn me) I forgot one of my favorite and creepiest character ever: Hanamiya Makoto. 
I'll never get tired of sharing my love for this character and Halloween is just about the right time to talk about him.

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains season's 2 and manga major spoilers. If you are not okay with this, please close the article and just enjoy Makoto's sugar candy face below.
Miley Cyrus who?

Hanamiya Makoto is my other favorite character from the series besides Murasakibara Atsushi.
I worte besides, not second for a specific reason. On a liking scale he gets the same score as Murasakibara what changes is the reason why I like him.

For Murasakibara, the score concerns the personal sphere, because he is a character I relate a lot to. For what concerns Hanamiya, the reasons who brought me to place him at the first place are more story-related, but we'll get to that later.

Who is Hanamiya Makoto?

Hanamiya Makoto is the Captain and Coach of Kirisaki Daichi's school basketball team.He is part of the Uncrowned Kings and goes by the name Bad Boy.
He is reported to be very intelligent (his IQ is higher than 160) and uses his smartness to elaborate sports tactics aimed to destroy his opponents.
Hanamiya and his team are well known for their foul-play tactics which go unnoticed to the referee because of their skills to hide them. However, he doesn't deny to use such foul techniques and goes proud of them.
As bright as the Grim Reaper

He has a deep sadistic nature, perfectly depicted even by his looks,  in fact seeing other people suffering makes him happy.  
He is the one responsible for Kyoshi's knee injury which didn't happen by accident: he signaled his teammate to move by snapping his finger while Kyioshi was jumping. His fellow mate, moved stopping Teppei's move and brutally landing to his knee. To add insult to injury, Hanamiya reaches out to the painful Seirin player to ask if everything was okay.

Hanamyia doesn't care about winning, he just play to use is filthy techniques and make people suffer to enjoy the scene. He mocks other player's motivation. According to the Kuroko no Basuke Official Fanbook KUROFEST he joined the basketball team because he thought basketball players were annoying. 

How can such an awful character be a favorite?

Kuroko's Basket is full of assholes and apparently mean characters. Some of them are going to redeem for some reason or another and have a past which somehow explains their current behavior. Aomine Daiki and Akashi Seijuro are brilliant examples. The first is a basketball freak which started to lack motivation in playing after he was sure nobody would ever beat him, thus don't enjoying play this sport anymore. He magically changes his mind once defeated by Seirin.
What a romantic, sweet scene
The second character, no one less than Teiko former captain, Emperor of the Generation of Miracles (add another title because they are never too few) is a psychopath, narcissistic high-schooler who considers winning as natural as breathing.
Different personality(actually, personalities), same story as his ex-former teammate above: he became a psycho for a reason and turns back to normal after he loses against Seirin.

Hanamyia is the first character who doesn't change after the loss, if anything he is just pissed because he didn't achieve his aim to make the Seirin team for good.
This leads to the main reason why this character is my favorite: he breaks nearly every clichè ever built in the series up to his appearance. 

1) Love for basketball 
He looks kind of sweet in this cap

As mentioned above, almost every character (even Psycho-Akashi) loves basketball to the point that gives it a kind of mystical meaning.
Everyone is eager if not to win, to play at their best. They always seek strong opponents and find a way to enjoy each match the best.
Hanamiya hears none of this, he doesn't care about winning. He even planned a tactical loss to face Seirin again and send Teppei the final strike. Basketball for him is just a method to explicit his sadistic nature and this makes him pretty uncommon for the series.

2) Past events triggering a despicable behavior
Better run for your life, Teppei

After Aomine's backstory my mind couldn't stop wondering on what could have possible lead this character to behave as he did. I was sure he had some kind of really sad past event, something like his brother was injured while playing basketball thus he is taking his revenge on his opponents. Guess what, nothing of the like. The reasons for his actions are simply explained by his sadistic nature. This simple statement I am repeating far too much hides a deep meaning.
When there's a mean character, the story tends to add a sad happening in the past of the villain which somehow justifies its behavior. How many times, even in real life, when something hideous happens by the hand of a person, people often come out with sentences like:
 "Okay, he killed his wife but maybe she cheated on him""There must be a reason for her to pull the trigger, maybe she was disturbed" "If the kid is acting violently it's probably because his parents are neglecting him"
Hanamiya mocking the general attitude of other players to justify his behavior, just before insulting Kuroko for believing it

And so on. For some reason it is hard for people to understand that some humans are just assholes because they like to be. Hanamiya is a perfect representation: highly smart, loves chemistry and reading and is even part of the Disciplinary Committee at his school (isn't it ironic?); technically he has no social or general behavioral factors to be asshole but still, he is.

3)Respect for strong opponents

Another common trait to the 90% of Kurobasu characters. Useless to say, this rule doesn't apply to Hanamiya, who goes around with the motto: "Whether it's genius or prodigy, once it's broken, it's just garbage.". This sentence highlights his lack of respect and brings it to a whole new level. Even if he was the one facing Akashi in person, he would have tried everything he had to foul and break some of his joints.
He doesn't care, stronger or weaker all he wants to do is just break his opponent, seeing all his faith crumbling into pieces. This aspect is taken out by his foul playing style, especially with his peculiar game technique called the spider's web.
"1,2 we're coming for you. 3,4, lock your door."
 Thanks to his intelligence, ability and speed, Hanamiya, together with his teammates, can draw a line of the opponent team's passages stealing almost all the balls, thanks to, as reported from Teppei, his insanely high accuracy.

Hanamiya's best moments

Personally picked, here's a short list of Makoto's best moments.

Let's mock the innocent Kuroko 

And now, headbutt!
Kuroko is Hanamiya's opposite. Despite he can get stubborn and determined, Tetsuya is basically a very kind hearted person, always ready to give even the worst asshole a second chance. He tries this skill with Hanamiya as well.
In front of Makoto's vicious play, Kuroko asks him what is the reason that pushes him to act the way he does. As expected, Makoto decides to make fool of Kuroko's sympathetic side playing the part of a player who loves basketball and made some kind of promise suddenly broken, he even pretend to cry while making up this lie!
Just when Kuroko fell for his bullshit and showed an hint of compassion, he switched to his usual back self and shouts to Kuroko's face "I'm kidding, you idiot!".
This scene is the more representative of the clichè-breaker nature of this character and that's the point in which my despise towards him started to turn into actual interest.

The snap

When Hanamiya snaps his finger, it is the signal that someone of the opposite team is going to be hurt.
After he does such a small gesture, one of his teammates would move and hurt some of their opponents, that's exactly how Teppei's accident happened.
Someone's going down
This gesture highlights Hanamiya's manipulative side which is typical of many serial killers sharing his same personality traits. What makes him more dangerous is the herd of loyal team members who follow his orders without any objection, completely forgetting any crumb of human respect they have.
Kirisaki Daichi team perfectly reflects its captain's and coach features. Who's more dangerous than a sadistic prick? An entire flock of sadistic pricks. If just one player decided not to follow his commands, probably there would have been less injuries in the matches.

The missing coach

Not exactly a moment, but this is a feature that caught my curiosity.
Even the powerful Rakuzan team, lead by Akashi Seijuro does have a coach while Kirisaki Daichi doesn't.
Misery loves company
It is stated that Kirisaki Daichi's coach left his job after Hanamiya entered the team. The reasons and means he did this are still unspoken.
It is my personal opinion that Hanamiya has killed him and shred his corpse with a meat grounder. This is just my mere opinion though.

I blabbered all the way down here and still haven't stated why this character is so special and my favorite. Despite in the series there are other despicable characters who actually move away from Kurobasu'a average players (i.e. Haizaki Shogo, Jason Silver, Nash Gold Jr.) Hanamiya is actually the first one to barge in, destroying all clichès like he does with Teppei's joints.
The few of you who follow this blog may know how much I hate stereotyped characters in novels and similar and Hanamiya is exactly what I am looking for in a villain character.
He gives the Kuroko's Basket series a refreshing change of peace

Beware your actions, Hyuuga, you might regret them later
Despite he is my favorite character for the aforementioned reasons, I wish I would never meet someone like him in real life.

A great thanks to Kuroko no Basuke wiki that I used as a reference to write this post (I even cited their articles a thousand of times just here).

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