Murasakibara Atsushi: what's beyond

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Second post in one month, I'm feeling like I deserve some kind of prize for this.
As evident from the title, this article is going to talk about my other favorite character from Kuroko no Basket: Atsushi Murasakibara.

The essence of elegance

SPOILER ALERT: The following post contains major spoilers from the Kuroko no Basuke anime and manga series.

Differently from Hanamiya Makoto, who I love for his role in the series (check the related post here), the reason why Murasakibara is my favorite is because I can almost fully relate to him.
So, my bond with Atsushi is on a more personal level. The character per se isn't really special as Hanamiya Makoto is.
Despite this, I became really fanatic about him. At every comic convention I never miss to buy one of his figures if I find any and he's one of the characters I cosplay more often and I'm planning to make more of.

Tired and pissed off
Some time ago, I read something about people who relate to him saying something like:
"Murasakibara loves to eat candies and sleep, thus it's easy for everyone to relate to" 
I don't really agree with that. I don't relate just because of that. This definition of him is rather simplistic and stops in front of the two most evident traits of this character.
But first things first, I'm getting to the point a bit later.

Who is Murasakibara?

Ex-center at Teiko Middle School he now plays the same role at the Yosen High Basketball Team. He is one of the former Generation of Miracles. t

Murasakibara is the tallest character in the whole series, 208 cm to be precise. Differently from other players, he affirms to play basketball just because he is good at it and that he doesn't peculiarly love this sport, he sometimes even finds it boring. For this reason, he pretends to despise the ones who put all their efforts for the love of this sport, saying hen finds them pathetic.
The exact moment in which the whole Seirin starts shitting in its pants

Sentences that show themselves to be untrue the moment he enters the Zone and when his high school best friend, Himuro Tatsuya starts crying in frustration during the match against Seirin when Atsushi benches himself because their loss is unavoidable.

Murasakibara has a sweet tooth, in the whole series he is almost often seen munching on some kind of junk food and he gets pretty mad if someone steals them or accidentally drops them to the floor.
The attachment to junk food shows part of his childish nature which is in great contrast to his appearance.

Points in common with the character

Before starting with the due list, I feel the urge to warn you this post is going to be far more personal than the one with Hanamiya Makoto. I don't usually express my emotions in such a public way but I think it's necessary to understand my love for this character. Besides venting out sometimes might be good for my sanity.

1) Love for Junk Food

Let's start with the most evident traits. This could be his distinctive trait, even more than his height.
As stated above, Murasakibara is often seen eating some kind of snack in a huge quantity during the series.
A very accurate depiction of my car's status
Just like him, I am a junk food freak. I have no problems walking around shoving an entire pack of breakfast cookies in my mouth or stuffing myself with candies or chocolate. I love frizzy drinks and I'm obsessed with sweets to the point that I can't resist more than two days without eating any. I developed a strange kind of addiction. A couple of years ago, I had very few money and couldn't allow to buy any kind of sweet, one day I was so desperate I started eating sugar straight from the sugar jar.

2)Constant need for sleep
My status 24/7

I need to sleep. If I don't get my sound eight hours of sleep per night I am freaking out. I really suffer from sleep deprivation when it happens.
I also tend to oversleep or lay in bed when hard times hit at my door. When I am stressed out I prefer sleeping over anything, I can spend entire days is bed sleeping.

3)Being a tall kid sucks

Being taller than the average of kids is challenging. As a grown-up, the situation changes a bit and tends to get slightly better.
From early childhood up to first years of high school, this physical feature can badly affect your social skills.

Being tall for a kid means displaying an older age than it actually is, so basically you are a four year kid trapped in a eight years body. This leads people to make nasty comments, calling you a retarded because "Oh god, a eight year old kid shouldn't behave that way!".
The ugliest part of this whole situation starts in the mere moment in which people who are supposed to protect you lines up with the oppressors. 
I clearly recall that it didn't matter if my classmates did something, I was taller and expected to be acting as my appearance suggested, not as my actual age and that was highly unfair.
If you accidentally broke something it was a "Well done you stupid kid. You're all tall and built why are you acting like a six years old?" 

Because that's my actual age? 

Let's not talk about the time you decide to buy a toy, if someone was in the surroundings they were all

  "Look at that middle school girl buying Ojamajo Doremi figures, she must have some kind of retard. Poor thing." 


Then you start refusing to buy toys, watch cartoon anymore because you want to show them that you are the grown up you actually aren't while all your mates can keep carrying around their teddy bears and be still cutie pies.
Besides the height, it doesn't matter the age, makes you being noticed three times more than your shorter mates. If a small little girl is crying probably nobody notices or wouldn't care, if you do "Oh my gosh, what's wrong with that dude? Let's walk away, we don't know how he will react" and of course everybody starts staring.
You are taught to walk around watching every step carefully, you're not allowed to have any mistake, remember: a short four year kid breaking something is just a kid, a four year tall kid must be a crook.

4) The hate for crowded places 

This points connect to the previous one since as I stated that being tall makes you more evident than other people. 
When I was young I would always be repeated "Aren't you ashamed, look everyone is looking at you!" 

How I feel when ordering a coffee

This left a wide scar on me. Even at present, in my adulthood days, I have serious troubles when I need to get inside a shop or go to crowded places because you have that persistent, hideous feelings of a crowd observing you and giving you nasty comments.
It is stated that Murasakibara hates crowded places because people "talk" and that's exactly my point.

5) Fear of phisically hurting others

Always connected to point three comes this point.
It is stated that Murasakibara doesn't usually play at his full powers because he could easily overcome his opponents and badly injure them.
If he closes his hand thight, the poor Kuroko's head is gonna get squashed like a lemon

This applies to me as well. Even when I had those bullies picking up at me, if I reacted with fists I would always be yelled at and be lectured about how I shouldn't injure smaller kids. So even now if there is a situation potentially involving the use of strength, I have to think about it twice before acting because no matter what, you'll always be on the wrong side.

6) Cherishing friends

During the Seirin vs. Yosen game everyone reminds the scene in which Murasakibara decides to bench himself because there wasn't anything left to do and victory for them would be impossible at that point. He was firm on his giving up plan, at least until his friend Himuro Tatsuya barged in, roaring in frustration that he didn't want to give up just yet (he also yelled something about hating people like Atsushi whon were talented and wasted their talent that way).
Seeing Himuro crying, he decides to stand up and keep on fighting and even managed to get into the zone most to Seirin and Teiko's surprise.
It is evident they don't own an old car. They'd be already freaking out.

I myself am one who has no problems in admitting defeat. If something turns out to be a battle against the windmills I am the first to take a step back. However if the whole issue is about one of my friends, I will gladly forget the knights and windmills and give it all, even at my own damage, not to disappoint them.

7) Overall laziness

This is the most trivia point, however it is stated that for Murasakibara playing basketball almost sounds like a pain in the ass. He is doing this because he has to, because he was told he was good at it. However, when he decides to try, he put all his efforts in the game.
"Look at the amount of fucks that I give"

Just like him, I try to avoid every extra effort to pursue my objectives. When I am home alone, on holiday I would probably spend entire days in bed or watching some TV instead of carrying the chores out but when I have job to do, I can even work for sixteen hours straight and feel great about it.

I hope you appreciated my post.
As always a great thanks to Kuroko no Basuke Wiki for filling in my memory gaps!

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