The Walk of Shame part II: 5 Anime and TV series everyone loves I haven't watched yet

Hello shag.
Since I had a lot of fun writing the previous post on this subject, I would have liked to write some more of it, even though I don't know how many posts I will do for it.
Today I am going to talk to you about five popular series that for different reasons I haven't started or dropped really early.


I actually watched some random episodes when I was 13-14 years old because it was aired on TV (on the same channel as Ojamajo Doremi), however I actually watched two or three episodes from the first season in total.

I recall there were lots of people back in high school literally obsessed with this series, I wasn't really into anime at time so I didn't give it much credit.
When I started college, I met a girl, who later became my friend, that was totally addicted with it. Even by now, this series doesn't make me curious at all. Plus, I have some hell of a problem with this anime: the goddamn shoes.
I know I might sound stupid at this but I have serious problems even in real life with people wearing sandals in public. It makes me feel uneasy, just as if they were naked.
Every single character of this series, as far as I saw, wears these shoes. They can be typical, okay I'm not questioning it but this sight really bothers me, I can't take to watch a whole series like this.
Mind me, it's not by a fashion choice (I wouldn't have loved Gundam Wing if it was so. Trowa Barton, please cut that damn bang off and take a look at your wardrobe, please), it is just a kind of a problem I have. It's like asking an arachnophobic person to watch a full documentary on tropical black widows.

Game of Thrones 

Here I hear the shitstorm coming right at me.
Unlike anime in which I am open to almost anything, for what concerns TV series I'm not really into fantasy. As you might have noticed, my favorite shows are actually crime TV series.

Again, I am faced with thousand people actually screaming for it but I just can't bring myself to watch it. The simple opening makes me want to yawn and despite I was great The Lord Of The Rings lover back in my day, I am not really enjoying this kind of fiction at the moment.

One Piece

Here it is, I can feel the shitstorm hitting even harder.

As much as it happened for Naruto, I watched some episodes from the first season and then dropped it. Mainly because, again, it started airing at times in which internet was a mirage for me and I have never started it again.
Not gonna life, differently from the first two I am very curious about it but given the huge amount of episodes and volumes and the bunch of unread/unwatched stuff I have piled up lately, I am still not ready to begin this one. However, I am planning to rebound it as soon as I can since I watched very positive reviews on it and I recall actually enjoying it when it was aired.
Differently from Naruto, I actually didn't skip an episode when it was on TV.


Similarly to Game of Thrones, historical movies and TV series aren't really my cup of tea. 
My roomies loved this series, they were really into into it and I could recall them freaking out at every episode. I happened to sit there and watch some episodes together and it almost always ended up with me being bored to death.
It's not a problem of the series, it's my problem, I don't like this genre and I am not going to watch it.

Marvel/DC comics based movies 

There was a time in which I enjoyed this kind of movies, mainly as a kid, but today I am not very attracted to this to be honest.

I am in a superhero-denying phase which I don't know how long will last. I didn't even enjoy The Flash or Arrow when they came out. I think this is just temporary though, maybe in a couple of years I'll become obsessed with it. I don't know since I can't predict the future but as for now I am not motivated to buy any ticket when a new movie comes out in theaters. 

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