Shopping for characters - Part I

Hello shag.
I am working for a chemistry project at my college, yes everything is so interesting. By the way, the program I am using is pretty slow in overlapping proteins, it takes it around ten minutes, so in-between those breaks, I search online for clothes that my OCs would wear.
It is funny because I am not one who actually enjoys going shopping for clothes, and when I go I buy the usual printed tees and pal hoodies, usually I don't even change colors. However, when it is about my OCs, I can spend hours on looking for peculiar outfits which suits every personality.
Today I would like to show you something that I "bought" for my characters.

Pitch Connor

Gothic-metal lover, very passionate about astronomy and astrology, she manages her diet and lifestyle according to the moon phases.
She plays the electric guitar on a band called "Polluted River" and her look resembles her passions for the darkness (which is also the power she actually holds).
During her performances on stage, she uses some kind of sexier clothing than the ones used commonly for everyday routines such as going to school, for which she chooses more comfortable clothes.

Striped shirts are kind of her thing, she has several of them because it reminds her of Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare series that she used to watch together with her father on Halloween nights before he passed away.

Of course, skull prints and black clothes can't be left behind
When it's performance time or a simple weekend hangout with friends, she can dare a bit more and leave space to corsets and leather stuff
Spikes, patterns, chains and nets can't be missing in the bottoms, being it shorts, trousers or skirts

Another clothing piece she loves are dresses, she usually does not wear them at school because some of them might be excessive for the purpose.
Essentials for her look, are shoes. Even in this case, she uses heels for leisure time and some more affordable sneakers for everyday (of course, leather and black are the keywords here)

Can a girl like this leave accessories behind? Of course not!
She loves wearing chokers which can be classified as the masterpiece in all her outfits.
Secondarily in quantities but not in importance, there are gloves, earrings and tights (mostly fishnet).

Pixie Connor

From the goth girl to her extreme opposite (and sister) Pixie Connor.
Pixie is a wannabe idol, she sings and performs and loves Japan. She loves the Japanese fashion culture and has an addiction towards the Majokko world (as expected for the fairy power holder). She likes sewing her stage clothes and crafting her own accessories.
Pixie is an extremely nice person, somewhat naive at time even though she can't easily pass over people who hurt her. She tends to be kind and somewhat long-winded. She adds several Japanese slang words while talking, despite she can't actually speak Japanese. She tries when she feels like but can't quite succeed.

Pink, pastel and fluffy are the keywords to describe her look. She doesn't like excessively sexy clothes, not even when performing so she's very attentive on the lengths.
Just like her sister, she uses different clothes at school and while performing or during filming videos.
She mostly wear tees and hoodies for school.
Fluffy ears, unicorns and cute animals are a must-have, especially for winter outfits in hoodies and sweatshirts. Hearts and pastel colors like it's raining!
For what concerns bottoms, she prefer skirts and shorts over trousers, especially skirts make her feel more like one of the Majokko she admires.

Pixie loves pink and ribbons (as if it wasn't enough yet) are a must have, shoes included

Cute shoes need appropriate tights and socks to be matched

She loves unicorns and mermaids, and she likes to show it especially with her purses and accessories. She loves bows and accents from the lolita style.

Sigmund Bauer
After this fatty section related to girls, let's give some credits to the boys too. I want to close this post dedicating it to one of the main characters, Sigmund Bauer.
Sigmund defines himself as "nerd" despite he sucks in IT, Physics, Maths and Chemistry. Actually, he isn't good at studying at all .
He loves comics, video games and board games and likes to display it with his clothing style. His favorite character ever is Captain America and he proudly wears his tees.
For what concerns trousers, he is a bit less fanatic about. He usually wear skinny jeans, the blacker, the better.
Set aside the plain look for its bottoms, Sigmund doesn't back off on the items, rigorously taken straight from the TV series, games and comics world.

For what concerns shoes, he wears canvas shoes like All Stars or Vans slip-ons all year long, even in winter under the snow (then he complains if he catches a cold....). Also in this case, if there's some comic or game logo, item would be preferred.

This is everything I wanted to show you for today. I was planning to make all the characters in one single paper but those collages actually take a long time to make.
I am planning to make some more, so expect something pretty soon!

Sites used for reference:
-Baby Shunjuku
-Lazy Oaf
-Kawaii Nation
-Ironfist clothing 
-Alternative Style
-Shop CCS
-Native Skate Store

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