Pilos time travel Chapter 0: A trip through images, memories and Pokèmon

Hello shag.
As predictable I was out for a while, the main reason being my new job which keeps me out of town pretty much for the whole day all the week long.
Lately I have been feeling kind of nostalgic and I decided to start tis new project.

As I mentioned above, I got a fresh new job (from quite a while actually), a position made of responsibilities I am struggling to take an hold of but that I am slowly getting used to. This job was a bit unexpected and, looking back to some months ago, I would have never thought I could have such a chance.
Several years went by after I published the first post on this kind of personal project that I was about to drop several times and I still can't believe how far I got from that time.
I am not one of those who fully believes in the "no pain, no gain" rule, this equation is pretty impartial if you ask me, it is true that without any effort anything is hardly to be reached, on the other hand, even giving all you've got can turn out to be pretty pointless without a good sheer of dumb luck.Even at the end of the road, weighing what has been given with what has been received, the giving side would be far more heavy than the receiving side.

I wanted to share this trip I did with someone, to leave it impressed somewhere, and this blog is the exact place in which I want it to happen. I was thinking about writing a long diary but it would get too personal and result a bit off topic with this blog's main subjects being comics, video games and animated series. This is where the final idea took shape: a diary told via virtual images which represented a peculiar season of my life so far (look out, there will be a massive Pokèmon presence in here).

The plan is to write at least a post for each month in which I'll tell you how I changed during time as a reader, a blogger, a person and a worker. Hoping that someone out there would enjoy this virtual travel with me.

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