Pilos Time Travel Chapter 1.0: Too much for a coincidence

September 2011

It was around the middle of the month when I packed all my things, caught a train at six in the morning and left all my past high school life and friends behind me, looking for fortune in another city, since I can't afford moving to another country.
I was 18 back then, an average grown up teenager with a strong (almost obsessive) passion for the music band Avenged Sevenfold.

Just like the 90% of people my age, I was dreaming to move really far away and make a huge success all in once. Before taking that final decision, I tried my best to move to a University abroad, Chicago and Gotheborg being my desired destinations, however, when I found out the average price for a rent in Chicago and the requirements to enter a university in Sweden, I had to desist and resign to a temporary destiny here in Italy.
The choice of the town I was moving to, as well as the university to subscribe came almost randomly.
There is a saying that if you meet the same person 3 times in a row on the same day, then it's fate that the two of you are bonded to be together, this is almost what happened with me and the small city of Cesena.
The first time I visited this city was for a school trip in 2009 when we visited the MACFRUT convention. I can clearly recall to be amazed by the presence of so many modern industries exhibitors. During this trip, I also came across the locval Agricultural High School stand, which held just the same as mine but their apples were way better than the ones grew in our institute.
I remember that as a moment that first triggered me to say "I wish I was born here".
The second encounter with this city happened the following year, in 2010, when I decided to leave all on my own to attend Good Charlotte concert in the Rocca Malatestiana garden.
I remember walking all the way from the train station to the city center and being amazed by such a cleningness of the streets. It looked like walking inside one of those old Italian movies, also, I was amazed by the kindness of people in this city, which is something my brithplace lacks.
The third and last random encounter happened in 2011, around easter time, when my old school friend asked to follow her to Vanilla Sky concert at Vidia Club.
Our hotel was way out of the city center, so we needed to walk for quite a long distance, during this neverending roadtrail, I noticed a street sign pointing at the Agricultural University Campus in Cesena.That was the final straw. I was already at my last year of hugh school and I needed to take a decision pretty soon: being a bartender in a second order cafè class full of arrogant people with a minimum salary and no perspective for a retirement or trying to start my life anew.
I unavoidably choose for the second option, being well aware that I would have to leave that few money income security I had back then.

While I was looking through the University website, what eventually pulled me in was the Oveseas call for application. Overseas is the name of a broad exchange program offered by the University of Bologna which allows you to study in places like the USA for one year or one semester, giving you a scholarship. I didn't need to be told twice, I took 600 euros from my bank account and paid the first installment for academic year 2011/2012. After that was done, I left all on my own to go and find a flat.

I walked all the way to the City Center and entered nside the students house renting agency being welcomed with a woman that soon would have become my landlord.
She said she had a double room available and brought me to see it. That was when I took a first peek at what would have been my future bedroom, there was an open case full of freshly cleaned clothes inside, the woman said one of the girls was going to leave for Erasmus soon and that I would have taken a place in the small bedroom. Seen the low price, I decided to accept it, and here we are, back in September 2011 when my trip officially started.

I knew I was going to share the apartment with three unknown girls, but this didn't scare me the least, I just couldn't believe I was eventually going to live all on my own.
When I packed up, clothes aside, I brought my entire collection of Agatha Christie boks and all my Sonic Syndicate, Avenged Sevenfold and Good Charlotte's CDs with me. I also carefully peeled all my A7X posters off of my old bedroom walls and placed them in my new bedroom.

When I first moved in, my firm intention was to attend all the best concerts the neighbouring city of Bologna had to offer, Gods Of Metal included, I wanted to drink, dyie my hair and got my arms fully tattoed.
Yes, I had huge expectations back then.

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